Barry Goldwater, Jr. in Little RBarry Goldwater, Jr. in Little Rock, AR at Capitol Buildingck, AR at Capitol Building



Barry with Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri at CPAC 2022
Senator Hawley was first elected in 2018


Barry Goldwater, Jr. with Governor Bill Lee of Tennessee, May 2019


Barry Goldwater, Jr. with Governor Kristi Noem
of South Dakota in Louisville, KY, May of 2019


Barry with Governor Henry McMaster and First Lady Peggy McMaster of South Carolina


Barry Goldwater, Jr. with Governor J. Kevin Stitt of Oklahoma, May of 2019


Barry and his son, Barry Goldwater, III, in Newport Beach, CA, July 10, 2019


Barry Goldwater, Jr. with Governor Brian Kemp and
First Lady Marty Kemp of Georgia, June of 2019


Barry Goldwater, Jr. with Arizona State Treasurer Kimberly Yee at the annual
Goldwater Institute Dinner in November of 2019


Barry Goldwater, Jr. with Florida Senator Rick Scott

Barry Goldwater, Jr. Turning Point USA, December 19, 2019


Barry Goldwater, Jr. with Utah Senator Mike Lee and his wife, Sharon Lee, May 5, 2021


Barry Goldwater, Jr. with Sarah Huckabee Sanders, April 15, 2021


Barry Goldwater, Jr. with Governor Ron DeSantis and First Lady Casey DeSantis
at the Annual Goldwater Institute Dinner, November 2021


Barry Goldwater, Jr. with Vice President Mike Pence,
Arizona Commerce Authority, June of 2022


Barry Goldwater, Jr. with Dr. Ben Carson at the 18th Annual
Childhelp Drive, Phoenix, AZ, February 2022

Barry with his cat Spooky in his Phoenix, AZ home



Barry with Speaker of the House - Paul Ryan


Barry with President - George H. W. Bush


Barry with Senate Majority Leader - Mitch McConnell

Barry with Arizona Senator Jeff Flake and Florida Senator Marco Rubio

Barry with HUD Secretary - Ben Carson

Barry with then Texas Governor now Secretary of Energy Rick Perry


Barry with Berkshire Hathaway CEO - Warren Buffett



Barry with FDT Holding Company President & CEO - John Kreitzer

Barry with California Governor - Jerry Brown



Barry with Governor Larry Hogan of Maryland

Barry with Rhode Island Governor - Gina M Raimondo

Barry with Hawaii Governor - David Ige

Barry with Maine Governor - Paul R LePage

Barry with Iowa Governor - Kim Reynolds

Barry with Iowa Senator - Kim Reynolds (R)

Missouri Congressman Jim Symington (RET) with Mr. Goldwater

Ambassador and Cosmonaut- Barbara Barrett



Barry with CBS News Anchor - Bob Schieffer



Barry with former Florida Governor - Charlie Crist


Barry with Florida Governor - Rick Scott

Barry with PBS Anchor - Charlie Rose



Barry with Senator - Chris Dodd



Barry with former Secretary of State - Condoleezza Rice



Barry with Texas Governor - Greg Abbott



Barry with Secretary of Human Health Services - Donna Shalala



Barry with Actor - Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson



Barry with former Secretary of State - General Colin Powell



Barry with Senator Ben Nelson and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg



Barry with Attorney General - Jeff Sessions

Barry with Arizona Chamber of Commerce CEO - Glenn Hammer

Barry with Coach of the University of Wisconsin Badgers - Barry Alvarez




Barry with Michigan Congressman - John Dingel



Barry with Los Angeles County Supervisor Mike Antonovich


Barry with Astronaut - John Glenn



Barry with Congressman - Ron Paul



Barry with Arizona Cardinals President - Michael Bidwell


Barry with Governor - Mitch Daniels


Barry with Editor & Chief of Forbes Magazine - Steve Forbes



Barry with Lieutenant Governor of California - John Garamendi



Barry with former Arizona Governor - Jan Brewer



Barry with Arizona Governor - Doug Ducey



Barry with Arizona Secretary of State - Michelle Reagan



Barry with Fox News Anchor - Neil Cavuto



Barry with Fox News Anchor - Bret Baier


Barry with former Nevada Governor and Senator - Paul Laxalt



Barry with California Senator - Dianne Feinstein



Barry with US Secretary of Defense under Clinton - Bill Cohen



Barry with Utah Governor - Gary Herbert



Barry with Vice Presidential Candidate and Alaska Governor - Sarah Palin



Barry with Senator - Marco Rubio

Commissionerke Geeslin


Barry with Insurance Commissioner - Mike GeeslinMi

Barry with Illinois State Senator - Tony Munoz



Barry with CNN Anchor - Wolf Blitzer



Barry with Nebraska Senator - Ben Nelson



er Barry with Virginia Senator - Harry F. Byrd



Barry with his form Congressional Intern now California Congressman
and Chairman of the House Rules Committee - David Dryer



Barry with Mississippi Congressman - Thad Cochran



Barry with FloridaCongressman - Alan West



Barry with former Vice President - Dan Quayle



Barry and his wife Sylvia with renowned artist - Patsy Lowry



..............aBarry with his son Barry M. Goldwater III..................................... Barry's son with the United States Marine Band



Barry with Ohio Governor - John Kasich



Barry with Speaker of the Arizona House - Kirk Adams



Barry with Florida Congressman - Connie Mack



Barry with Senator - Al Simpson



Barry Barry with Illinois Congressman - Robert H. Michel



Barry with Renowned Journalist - George Will



Barry with California Congressman - Ed Royce



Barry with Oaklahoma Insurance Commissioner - John Doak



Barry with New York Congressman - Peter King



Barry with Michigan Congressman - John Dingell



Barry with US Ambassador to Finland - Barbara Barrett



Barry with former Fed Chariman -Allan Greenspan
NBC New Correspondant - Andrea Mitchell


Barry with Oaklahoma Governor - Mary Fallin



Barry with AZ Secretary of State - Michele Reagan



Barry Goldwater III, Senator John McCain and Barry Goldwater, Jr.



Barry with long time friend Kentucky Senator - Ron Paul



Barry with Fox Commentator - Dana Perino



Barry with Arkansas Governor - Asa Hutchinson



Barry with Pres Pro Tempore CA State Senate and
Chairman of the California Democratic Party - John Burton



Barry with Wyoming Governor - Matt Mead



Barry with CBS Anchor of Face the Nation - Bob Schieffer



Barry with Alabama Congressman - Spencer Bachus



Barry with Clinton Secretary of HHH - Donna Shalala



Barry with South Carolina Governor now UN Ambassador- Niki Haley



Barry with his son Barry the III and friend Actor & Singer - Pat Boonee



Barry with Oklahoma Commissioner - John Doak and State Rep - Lewis Moore



Barry with AZ Speaker of the House - David Gowan



Barry with TN Senator - Bob Corker




Barry with Arizona Attorney General - Mark Brnovich



Barry with AIG Chairman - Hank Greenberg



Barry with Utah Attorney General - Sean Reyes


Barry with LA County Supervisor Mike Antonovich at the funeral of Nancy Reagan


Barry with Idaho Governor - Butch Otter

Barry with Mississippi Governor - Phil Bryant

Barry with Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner - John Doak

Barry with Missouri Speaker of the House - Todd Richardson


United States Senator for Idaho - Mike Crapo


Barry with Maricopa County Sheriff - Joe Arpaio


Barry with former Ambassador to Finland - Barbara Barrett


Barry with California Congressman - Tom McClintock


Barry with EERE Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary - Daniel Simmons



Barry with Arkansas State Senator (R 35th Dist) - Jason Rapert

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