Barry with President George H. W. Busch



Barry with Texas Governor - Rick Perry



Ambassador and Cosmonaut- Barbara Barrett



Barry with CBS News Anchor - Bob Schieffer



Barry with former Florida Governor - Charlie Crist

Barry with PBS Anchor - Charlie Rose



Barry with Senator - Chris Dodd



Barry with former Secretary of State - Condoleezza Rice



Barry with Secretary of Human Health Services - Donna Shalala



Barry with Actor - Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson



Barry with former Secretary of State - General Colin Powell



Barry with Senator - Jeff Sessions



Barry with Michigan Congressman - John Dingel



Barry with Astronaut - John Glenn



Barry with Congressman - Ron Paul



Barry with Arizona Cardinals President - Michael Bidwell


Barry with Governor - Mitch Daniels


Barry with Lieutenant Governor of California - John Garamendi



Barry with Fox News Anchor - Neil Cavuto



Barry with former Nevada Governor and Senator - Paul Laxalt



Barry with US Secretary of Defense under Clinton - Bill Cohen



Barry with Vice Presidential Candidate and Alaska Governor - Sarah Palin



Barry with Senator - Marco Rubio

Commissionerke Geeslin


Barry with Insurance Commissioner - Mike GeeslinMi



Barry with CNN Anchor - Wolf Blitzer



Barry with Nebraska Senator - Ben Nelson



er Barry with Virginia Senator - Harry F. Byrd



Barry with his form Congressional Intern now California Congressman
and Chairman of the House Rules Committee - David Dryer



Barry with Mississippi Congressman - Thad Cochran



Barry with FloridaCongressman - Alan West



Barry with former Vice President - Dan Quayle



Barry and his wife Sylvia with renowned artist - Patsy Lowry



..............aBarry with his son Barry M. Goldwater III..................................... Barry's son with the United States Marine Band



Barry with Ohio Governor - John Kasich



Barry with Speaker of the Arizona House - Kirk Adams



Barry with Florida Congressman - Connie Mack



Barry with Senator - Al Simpson





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