John Kreitzer with Congressman Barry Goldwater Jr.



Mr. Kreitzer with US Treasury Secretary - Timothy Geithner



John with 2008 Republican Candidate for President - Senator John McCain


Mr. Kreitzer with former Secretary of State, General Colin Powell


John Kreitzer with US Federal Reserve Chairman- Alan Greenspan



Mr. Kreitzer with US Secretary of State - Condoleezza Rice



John with US Supreme Court Justice - Sandra Day O'Connor



Mr. Kreitzer with US Senator and Mercury/ Shuttle Discovery Astronaut - John Glenn



John Kreitzer with the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff - Admiral Michael Mullen



John with CNN Anchor - Wolf Blitzer



JohJohn John with his father William Kreitzer and President George H. W. Bush


Governor Bill Owens..Governor Bill Owens National Review..Governor Bill Owens with John Kreitzer

Left: Colorado Governor Owens at the Goldwater Institute. Also pictured : United States Secretary of Transportation, Mary Peters, right: John Kreitzer




Left: John Kreitzer & Colleagues with India's Speaker of the House & CPM Party Chairman Anil Biswas. Right: Chairman Biswas Addressing his Party's Constituents



Nobel Laureate Mother Teresa Signing Mr. Kreitzer's Bible


Mr. Kreitzer has been a friend to Congressman Goldwater for decades.
With great respect he makes this introduction.