Above, Barry M. Goldwater Jr. calling the 1976 Republican Convention to order prior to his National address and introduction of the next speaker, his Father.

Other speakers included then President Ford and Ronald Reagan.

Convention, Delegates and Friends, What greater reward could come to a son than to stand before the Nation and introduce his Father. This is an overwhelming moment - one I shall cherish as long as I live. It's great to team up with my Father at a National Convention again. The last time I spoke on his behalf was in 1964 when we overwhelmed the American electorate by carrying six states in the Presidential campaign. We lost in 1964. We lost pretty badly. But history has passed judgment. Remember the campaign slogan, "In Your Heart You Know He's Right." My friends, I submit that Barry Goldwater was right - right on target about the future of America . And one of the great tragedies of our times is that this man - this man of truth, honor and courage - was denied the Presidency of the United States . But as William Cullen Bryant penned, "Truth, crushed to earth, shall rise again." And that is the very essence of the man from Arizona . He is a fighter. He perseveres. He tells it like it is. His driving force, his motivation is love of God, love of family and love of this country. Often a voice in the wilderness, a lone warrior, like Roland of the great epic poem, blowing the trumpet of warning, he never relents, never loses faith in the greatness of America and her people. I suppose if anything sums up the life of Senator Goldwater, it would be an inscription found beneath the bust of General Robert E. Lee in the Hall of Fame. Beginning with that magnificent word, "Duty," it says: "Duty is the most sublime word in our language. Do your duty in all things. You cannot do more. You should never wish to do less." Grandson of Polish emigrants who fled tyranny 130 years ago. Steeped in the rugged individualism of the Old West. Taught the values, ethics and universal truths at the knee of his Mother - one of the most remarkable women who ever lived. Growing up with American free enterprise and developing a spirit of charity to the less fortunate that is legend. Defending his country in its hour of need. Fighting for political reform in Arizona and applying the same high purpose and good ethic to a political career in Washington . Yet, through it all, finding time for his family. Teaching his kids right from wrong, and partner with my Mother in one of the greatest love stories ever. Yes, I'll praise my Father - praise him for devoting a lifetime to decency and truth. He and I do not always agree and you may not always agree with him either. But, on one point, I challenge anyone to question his integrity. He has it. And if this convention carries that -message of political honesty and integrity to the American people, we'll be successful in November. My friends, with grateful devotion and humble pride, I give you Senator Barry Goldwater - American!



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