Barry Goldwater Jr  




It was my pleasure to meet with Joseph Lyu, Chairman of the Bank of Taiwan, who was here in Phoenix to establish an office. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. is building a plant in North Phoenix. Chairman Lyu has been among the leaders of Taiwan's effort to bring its financial sector into line with emerging global regulatory norms. I found Chairman Lyu intelligent, engaging and charming. We in Arizona look forward to the Bank of Taiwan office.

Meet Catherine Miranda. I’m asking you to support her candidacy for Arizona State Senate. As a former Arizona State Senator, she had the skill set to find common ground on controversial issues that faced the state legislature. Catherine earned her Masters in Educational Leadership at Northern Arizona University. She a strong champion for the education of all children and knows the #1 teacher of our children are parents. She advocates for education because she believes in the whole child, which requires consistent parent involvement and community support. The attached bio underscores these strengths and highlights additional ones. Please do what you can to donate to her campaign. As a moderate democrat, we need her to bring a non-partisan temperament to the legislative process. As a loyal Republican, I support our party. However, in a Democratic district, we should want and support a candidate who will work with us. We help our cause by helping Catherine.


It was my pleasure to be with the Honorable Al Cardenas in this photo. Al lives in Miami, FL. He was born in Cuba, served in the Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush Administrations, and was appointed Ambassador to St. Kitts. Al Cardenas was the Former Chairman of the Florida Republican party and Chairman of the American Conservative Union. He is currently Chairman of Cardenas, Goldwater, Taplin Inc., headquartered in West Palm Beach, FL. He has been named as one of Washington D.C.'s top influencers.






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