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United States Congressman 1969-19833




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Barry Goldwater Jr. was elected to US Congress in 1969. During his political and Government service, he has expressed his superb knowledge, experience and feelings before many diverse audiences. After Congress he has been asked to speak before conventions, management/sales/marketing/meetings and political gatherings. Goldwater has delivered many keynotes addresses before a variety groups.

Now retired from politics, Goldwater is available to appear before just about any group.Goldwater has a life time experience in and around government and politics at the local, state, and Federal level. Goldwater offers a unique perspective on the state of our nation. His delivery is fast paced, hard hitting and laced with a bit of humor.

His message can be summarized as follows: Over a century ago, his great, great grandfather came to America fleeing persecution. He brought nothing but the clothes on his back, a dream of prosperity and a dogged determination to make that dream a reality. Early in our nations history people like Barry’s great, great grand father didn’t expect the government to wipe their noses or raise their children. Charity came from the heart not a government program. We have traded the ideals of self-sufficiency and hard work for hand outs, dependency and entitlements. Nations decline when they stop doing what made them successful. Only hard work, perseverance and risk taking breed success and government must encourage, not hamper, that entrepreneurial spirit. Our country’s future depends on it.

If you are looking for an entertaining speaker for your next function please contact Mr. Goldwater via his booking agent:

Kathy Collins

1245 E. Wescott Drive, Phoenix, AZ 85024

Office: 623 581-8376 ...Cell: 602 290-1290



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Barry Goldwater Jr. Introduces Ron Paul at the Rally for the Republic




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